The Vault:

Below are excerpts from a variety of different media sources that the World-Changers have released at various points in time.  Some of the publications that will be seen here have never been shown to the public until now.  We will continue to post new excerpts from The Vault as current events warrant their release, pending approval from Oqid.

From August, 2019:  Saro's Chilling Interview with Jon Stewart on Gun Control

From November, 2020:  Oqid's Controversial Response to Mark Emmert's NCAA Sponsorship Inquiry

Meet the World-Changers:


Favorite Quotes from the World-Changers:

"The hypocrisy of everyday life in America is striking, if one merely sits back and looks at it."  - Saro

"America needs to change... I am going to change the whole thing.  Die trying, maybe, but I am going to do something about the whole damn thing."  - Ixa

"So congresspeople, by the time they had gotten all the way up to that level, had been giving reacharounds to every lobbyist in sight for so many years that their forearms looked like a pro tennis player's."  - Saro

"I am not here to debate with you my credentials for being in this position.  I am here, and that is how things will stay."  - Oqid

"Thank god for the old white man's masturbatory aid known as the Electoral College.  If America had representation, we would never have gotten away with [Proposition 24].  The American public is too timid to accept such a huge idea, but, thankfully, we don't have to ask the American public."  - Saro

Please Be Aware

The World-Changers have now declared the site below to be operational. They have dictated that all content within remain completely unaltered, and thus, while honest, it is also uncensored. They can be rather blunt, and have never been apologetic; please be conscious of this while you take this rare look into their archives.